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Under inflation is the no.1 cause of punctures & blowouts in vehicles

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The most important safety feature of a vehicle are the TYRE'S.

Prevent-A-Puncture Tyre Guard Technology seals tyres from the inside by creating a barrier between the inside of the tyre and the air and prevents any air loss and maintains the tyres correct air pressure, which provided safer driving for all road users.

The function of a vehicle's brake is to stop the wheels from turning, while the function of the tyres is to stop the vehicle from moving.

The only contact your vehicle has with the roads is the four envelopes of air which carry the driver and the passengers on numerous journeys throughout the life of the tyres and it is vital that all four tyres have the correct air pressure as determined by the vehicle manufacturer. Air pressure should only be checked in the morning, preferably before 8 am, depending on the country where the vehicle is based and should only ever be checked while the tyres are cold and before the vehicle is driven.

Never check your tyre pressure during a journey or after your vehicle has been driven as this will give you an incorrect tyre pressure reading.

A vehicle with tyres with the correct air pressure will stop shorter and quicker, are safer vehicles, they will handle and corner far better, will give a smoother driving experience, road cabin noise will be reduced, puncture and blowouts will be prevented, vehicles will be more fuel efficient and tyres will last for longer and travel more kilometres. Tyres with the correct air pressure will help to prevent accidents, save lives, reduce injuries, are kind to the environment and save money.

When a tyre is UNDER-INFLATED the tyre will only grip the road on the outer edges of the tyre. Under-Inflation leads to poor and dangerous road handling, tyres overheating, punctures, premature ageing of tyres, blowouts, poor fuel efficiency, insufficient road grip leads to greater stopping distance and aquaplaning. ( Pictures of Under Inflated tyres can be viewed on our gallery page)

When a tyre is OVER-INFLATED the vehicle will only grip the road on the middle inch or two of the tyre. Over-Inflation leads to poor and dangerous road handling, tyres overheating, punctures, premature ageing of tyres, blowouts, poor fuel efficiency and insufficient road grip leads to greater stopping distance. ( Pictures of Over-Inflated tyres can be viewed on our gallery page)

Under and Over Inflated tyres give the same amount of road grip as a bicycle tyre, imagine trying to stop your vehicle or cornering with only 4 bicycle wheels attached to your vehicle.............it simply would not happen, yet this is how 95% of the worlds drivers drive their vehicles.

Under-Inflation & Over-Inflation both cause tyres to break down on the inside which leads to loss of strength and integrity in the tyre. The tyre losses its impact strength. The tyre breaks down on the inside due to expansion and contraction caused by the overheating of the tyre, in the same way, a rubber band frays at the edges due to constant stretching of the band. This causes tyres to blowout, to detach from the rim, lose all road surface grip, burst when driven into a pothole or kerb.


Please view a road safety video produced by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Over the years vehicles have changed considerably. Vehicles travel at greater speeds, they reach high speeds in seconds, vehicles can park by themselves and soon vehicles will become driverless. While the advanced vehicle technology has made leaps and bounds the same cannot be said for the tyre industry. Tyres are not sealed units and air continually seeps out of the tyres, mainly through tiny porosity holes or through bead and rim leaks. There are a number of new types of expensive tyres on the market but these tyres still loose air and puncture and are very costly to replace.  Vehicles are now equipped with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, however, these Monitors only alert the driver to an issue when a tyre has lost 25% of its air pressure. At this point, your tyre has been damaged beyond repair and your vehicle has become a very dangerous vehicle for you, your passengers and other road users. Most drivers will drive for a period with the warning light on and most will have no option but to eventually drive to their local garage to reinflate the tyre. Unfortunately, this action is a contributor to the road accidents, deaths and injuries on our roads.


Prevent-A-Puncture Tyre Guard Technology (PAP Tyre Gaurd) is a socially aware company and our mission is to help reduce road traffic deaths and injuries. While the WHO and others have identified a number of causes, we believe that the main cause of road deaths, injuries and accidents are directly caused by lack of tyre care and lack of tyre knowledge.

The WHO is currently working on a 10 year plan (The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2012) In December 2017, The Global Network for Road Safety Legislators is warning that road traffic road deaths are rising again in many countries, and has called on Governments worldwide to urgently step their actions to prevent road crash fatalities and serious injuries. This proves that the current list of road accident causes needs to be addressed. (Ref:http://www.4roadsafety.org) Each of these countries around the world lists the same number of causes and have similar laws to address these alleged causes, such as preventing drink driving, speeding, young drivers etc. However, all of these laws and new penalties have not reduced the carnage on our roads. As The Global Network for Road Safety Legislators has stated, the deaths and subsequent injuries are rising and not decreasing. In fact, the only time the road statistics showed any reduction was during the latest recission which gripped most of the world.

While we are led to believe that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, however that is what we are doing when it comes to road safety. If we add "Group Think" to the mix, then the results we get are 1.4 million people dying on our roads and millions and millions of more innocent people are injured on our roads and suffer from a mix of long term and short term injuries. Road traffic crashes are a leading cause of death among young people, and the main cause of death among those aged 15–29 years. (Ref: WHO)

One of the main causes attributed to road accidents is believed to be Alcohol,  however, when we look the various deaths around the world, this number cause starts to lose its vadility. If we compare Ireland to Saudi Arabia we start to see a difference in these facts. Ireland has on average 4.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants per year, whereas Saudi Arabia has 27.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Saudi Arabia has 7 times the number of road deaths as Ireland. Ireland is known as a Catholic country whose inhabitants like to drink and Ireland has very strict laws preventing drink driving. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where it is illegal to produce Alcohol, import Alcohol, or consume Alcohol and therefore it is impossible to drink and drive in Saudi Arabia, yet Saudi Arabia has 7 times the number of people who die as a result of road traffic accidents. If Alcohol is the number one cause of road accidents why has Saudi Arabia such a massively high rate road-related deaths when compared to Ireland or the UK?

The common factor and the real cause of the deaths is the lack of tyre care and tyre knowledge and not Alcohol. The numbers in Saudi Arabia can probably be related to the difference in population difference between Ireland and Saudi Arabia. In Ireland, the RSA advises drivers to call to their local garage to check out tyre pressure. This direction is wrong and is a contributor to the carnage for two very important reasons:-

  1. Tyres should only be checked in the morning when the tyre is cold. Driving to a local garage no matter how close causes heat and this heat  causes the tyre to expands. When the tyre is checked the expanded tyre will give an incorrect reading and the driver will inlate the tyre to an incorrect amount.
  2. Tyre gauges in garages are never checked to see if the calibrations are correct. A tyre gauge with calibrations out of sinc will give an incorrect reading and will inject the incorrect amount of air into a vehicles tyre.

The above cause incorrect grip, increased stopping distance, dangerous tyres, unsafe handling, will cause punctures and will cause blowouts.

Prevent-A-Puncture Tyre Guard Technology seals vehicles tyres from the inside, preventing any air pressure loss, maintains air pressure, prevents punctures, prevents blowouts, reduces fuel consumption and increases the life of the tyres.





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