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Under inflation is the no.1 cause of blowouts in vehicles

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Tyres are envelopes of air that carry the driver and the passengers on numerous journeys throughout the
life of the tyres. Drivers wash the outside, polish the inside, hang air fresheners from the mirrors, some even
add go faster strips to the side of their vehicles, but only 14% of drivers regular check their envelopes of air
to make sure the air pressure in the tyres is at the correct air pressure level. The most some drivers do to
their tyres is give them a kick, “Ah the air is grand in them”

You can have the cleanest, meanest, baddest car in the park, but if the tyres are punctured, you are not going anywhere. If any one of your tyres are UNDER-INFLATED, you will definitely be driving one of the most DANGEREOUS vehicles on the road.

Tyres are not sealed units and air continually seeps out of the tyres, mainly through tiny porosity holes or through bead and rim leaks. Faulty or old valves will also add to the problem and seep air, regular tyre checks will find and prevent these leaks.

If the tyres are not regularly checked, you turn your family DREAM car into a family NIGHTMARE.

Prevent-A-Puncture prevents punctures by preventing any air loss and maintaining correct air pressure.

Heat is the killer of all tyres and the heat of your tyre is controlled by the air pressure level. If your tyres are under-inflated – the most common cause of punctures and blowouts – the heat of the tyre continues to intensify to a point where the tyre sucks nails, screws and other foreign bodies into the tyre. In most cases this is enough to cause a puncture. If the tyre does not puncture, the heat and the pressure continues to build until it gets so intense, that it blows out.

Prevent-A-Puncture prevents punctures by eradicating Under-Inflation.

How can a screw get into a tyre? Simple, the tyre is over heated and it sucks the screw into the tyre.
Can I pull it out with a hammer? Nooooooo – Remember to always use a screw driver to remove a screw from a tyre.

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